A new tasty of life “Lezzaro” becomes a brand with BayKanber

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For a company that produces food products such as honey, jam, milk and dairy products, which are basic food products, we created an original and innovative brand name that is suitable for use globally, reflects the brand’s field of activity, and establishes a positive relationship between the target audience and the brand. We chose the brand name “Lezzaro” by conducting a professional study of the brand that offers organic, natural and delicious products.

The most appropriate brand name was determined by considering the services provided during the brand name creation phase. Care was taken to ensure that it was a trade name that could be used globally, and a professional study was conducted by ensuring that the brand name was compatible with the logos, slogans, and corporate works. It has been confirmed that it is different from similar brand names. During the brand name research phase, research was conducted and opinions were received. During the process of identifying a brand name, a study was conducted according to the criteria for finding a brand name. The brand name was considered easy to pronounce, easy to remember and pronounced the same way in all languages.

It is ensured that the logo design and global brand name created are compatible. The logo design is also designed to represent the brand’s mission. The trademark has been registered and protected.

We would like to express our endless gratitude to the Lezzaro brand and wish them success in becoming a global brand.