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A brand is the first concept that comes to mind when it is mentioned in the same field and at the same time as its counterparts, which distinguishes it from others. One of the most important differentiators that separates a brand from its competitors is the brand name. For corporate identity to be successful, the company name must carry positive values. Having such a name will definitely increase the value of the products and services produced by the organization. For this reason, a random name should not be given to the brand.

When creating a brand name, one must think forward, which means that the name to be selected will transcend country borders over time and become a global brand name. It is also important when creating a brand name, to ensure that it does not convey any inappropriate meaning. In the past, many brands faced serious problems by choosing the wrong name, which led to the brand collapsing, being forgotten and disappearing.

There are some criteria that we should pay attention to when creating a brand name that determine how to create a brand;

  • During the stage of creating a trade name, information must be collected such as the organization’s field of activity, the goods and services that will be produced, the organization’s goals and its target audience,
  • After that, you must check whether there are any legal impediments to using this name.
  • It must have a meaning and distinct advantage over other brands,
  • In order for the brand name to be marketed on the Internet and Intranet (intranet), domain names must be researched and checked whether the brand name is suitable in all respects,
  • Care must be taken that the brand name is attractive, easy to understand by the target audience, and easy to pronounce.
  • Care should be taken that the name is beautiful, does not have any inappropriate meaning, and does not differ from the meanings in other languages. This is one of the most important issues.


Brands spend serious efforts and money to occupy a place in consumers’ minds and become a global brand. If a brand name is not created that meets the above criteria, unfortunately all the effort and money will be wasted.


I think the return that a brand name can bring to a company is very great. But unfortunately, most companies do not take this topic seriously and do not believe that this topic represents a separate experience and a very valuable strategy. However, a good name means a good start. A strong brand name makes you the best on the global stage and ensures that your brand gets a positive position on the global stage.


A brand name is very important to be a successful, highly purposeful and valuable company in its field. When creating a brand name, one should work with experts and professionals in their field, because a brand name is not something that can be risked. As Markalize Branding Centre, we add value to your company by designing suitable names to become a global brand name that will make your company stronger and take you one step ahead of the competing companies. This value will make you the best in your field.

As I always say “what my hand touches becomes a brand”