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Symbols or marks that distinguish products or services in the same group from others and are placed in a different place in the mind of the consumer are called trademarks. A brand is a value that is very difficult to erase from human memory. With the rapid development of today’s world, becoming a global brand is a long and professional process. There is no room for coincidence in this process. Using the right and organized strategic planning style will set your name apart from others and enable you to raise public awareness.

In today’s world, where many products and services are easily and cheaply imitated, if a trademark is not registered, time, effort, money and reputation may be lost. For this reason, trademark registration is of vital importance for products and services in order to prevent counterfeiting, protect the company’s image, obtain the support of the law and strengthen the brand.

As mentioned above, names constitute an important force that ensures the preservation of the company in public memory. Bai Canber, who has been trademarking and registering everything he touched for over 15 years and known as the Father of Brand Names, was the father of the brand names of many famous companies.

ByKanber, which gave the name “Tadiki” to the Sultandağı cherry, which is known for its taste in the global market, has ensured that the name of the cherry, as well as its taste, has become a trademark in the global market. When Tadiki is mentioned, the first shape that comes to mind is cherry.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to liver is Özel Ciğerci, which has been serving the people of Konya with its quality and taste since 2003. Özel Ciğerci has chosen ByKanber to become a global brand.

Founded in 2013, ByKanber, the namesake of the Meeting City in Konistan, the newest and largest conference and meeting center in Turkey and Europe, has created another brand that will never be forgotten.

Sinan Yamur, author of “Tears of Love”, the most read book of the past three years in Turkey, also received the ByKanber tag. Yağmur chose ByKanber during the process of opening Vav Bookstore and is on the brand path with ByKanber.

Istanbul, Turkey’s mega-city, has become a brand name for Istanbul Beykanbar Transport, which it founded in 2005 and operates urban rail systems. Brand What You Touch, the brand father and trademark registration specialist ByKanber, has turned Istanbul Transport Company into a brand in the field of transportation.

In a logo competition jointly conducted by official institutions and NGOs in Bolo, ByKanber was awarded the first prize from the European Union by the Bolo Governor. With this success, ByKanber has made a name for itself once again. The logo of the European Union Coordination Center of Bolu County, designed at international level, better represents the local and international region.

“Adfifinance, Trust Funder”, which is used by giant companies in Turkey and provides financial consulting services between Turkey and Russia, has been named by ByKanber Brand Name Center. Thus, our country has moved from a brand import position to an export position with ByKanber.

The brand formation process includes a long stage. Once the branding process is complete, the process is far from over. After this process, it requires constant monitoring and renewal. If this process is neglected, your brand will face the risk of extinction over time, and the brand must constantly work to improve, renew, and increase its quality among the target audience. Advertising and promoting the brand and corporate identity and protecting the high quality of identity among the target audience must be constantly ensured. ByKanber ensures that you and your brand carry out this process in the most successful way. ByKanber is a leading brand name and brand consulting company. He can prove this best through his successful works.