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The seventh edition of the TEKNOFEST Festival, which is the world’s largest in the field of aviation and space technology, kicked off in Istanbul. , which was organized under the coordination of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, in partnership with several organizations that play an important role in Turkey’s national technology development, will be held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on April 27 until May 1.

We took our place as the center of brand names under the leadership of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. In this wonderful organization, we met with all the brands and talked about our goals and projects.

Brand Name Center (ByKANBER) Chairman Mevlut Kanber conveyed the importance of being a global and reliable brand at the festival and mentioned again that every brand should obtain the Trusted Of Brand Name  Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) provided by the Brand Name Center.

Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) is a document provided by the Brand Name Center for Abbreviated Name Brands (GUMİB-TOBNC) to obtain a reliable identity. Thanks to this document, brands have confirmed that they have increased brand preference by giving trust to their target audience.

Emphasizing that national technologies such as Teknofest will continue to be present in every project in which they are supported, ByKANBER said, “We would like to thank the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology for providing this opportunity.”