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Trust is a very important issue for a brand. Having a reliable brand identity provides many material and moral values to the brand. The most important of which are increasing trust, customer quality and customer capacity. Thus, the brand will start to grow and develop as a global brand and become a brand.

Proving the reliability of your brand is very important in branding. It increases your brand image and brand value and contributes to making your brand a global and more preferred brand.

ISIMDER Brand Name Center recommends trustworthy brand signals that every brand that receives the Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) should use. You can use your trusted brand logo and signature on your products, packaging, catalogs, files, posters, websites, letterheads, etc. You can use it in advertising and promotional materials for promotional purposes to prove that you are a reliable brand.

These logos, which are of great importance to every brand, will ensure that the customer prefers and trusts your brand in their decision-making process. Brands using trusted brands are rapidly growing to become among the global brands in the new world order.

In order to use reliable trademarks, you must first register your trademark with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. A registered trademark must obtain a Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) from the ISIMDER Brand Name Center and apply for the use of these marks.

We at Markalize recommend that every brand use trusted branding on their product packaging and where necessary.