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Cosmetic products are products that we use frequently in many times of our lives. We have gained a new cosmetic brand that offers natural and healthy product varieties in these days, especially preferred by women in daily life but highly sought after in men’s cosmetic products. Promising a breeze of beauty in the products it offers, the brand has a wide product range and is a strong brand in the field of cosmetics.

The company, which took the steps of branding and institutionalization, received professional support from the Global Brand Specialist BAYKAMBER in this process, and the “Lepares” brand, which can be used in the global arena, was decided.

Considering the services provided during the brand name creation phase, the most appropriate brand name was determined. Care was taken to ensure that it was a brand name that could be used in the global arena, and a professional study was carried out by ensuring that the brand name was compatible with the slogans, logo and corporate works. It has been ensured that it is different from similar brand names. Researches were carried out in the process of finding a brand name and opinions were received. In the process of determining the brand name, a study was carried out in accordance with the criteria for finding a brand name. The brand name is easy to pronounce, catchy and pronounced the same in every language.

It was ensured that the global brand name created with the logo design was compatible. The logotype design was likewise designed to represent the brand mission. Trademark registered and protected.