We Presented the Trusted Brand Name Certificate of Brand BELLE TURKEYTOBNC) to Burkina Faso Diplomat KASSEM KINDREBEOGO Gentleman

We have confidently protected the trademark by presenting it to the Burkina Faso diplomat Kassem Kindribogo with the Certificate of Trust for the brand name of the brand BELLE TURKEY (GUMİB-TOBNC) under the presidency of the Brand Name Center.

In the meeting we held, we emphasized that reliable brands are very important to the target audience, and stressed that we can develop reliable trade between Turkey and the Burkina Faso country and that foreign brands can be protected by presiding over the Brand Name Center with GUMİB- TOBNC.

We extend our infinite thanks to Mr. Kacem Kindribougou, the Burkina Faso diplomat who favored us in trademark registration procedures and trademark reliability, and we wish him good luck to both countries.