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Benefits of Creating a Global Brand Name

According to BayKAMBER, a brand is the first concept that comes to mind when it is mentioned in the same field with its counterparts and at the same time, differentiating it from others. Brand name, goods produced by institutions and organizations, logos, etc. It is called “trade names” that can be designed, drawn and written with shapes, and can be remembered by expressing them with sound perception.


a- It should be a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, because such a brand name will be remembered more quickly by the target audience who prefer it, and the target audience will be able to communicate with the product or service in a shorter time.

b- While positioning a Brand Name, its pronunciation and sound perception in other languages ​​should be expressed with a common sound perception. In other words, it should be read and perceived with the same voice in internationally recognized and most used languages. Because while a brand name meets with a possible target audience all over the world, being perceived and expressed in a common voice provides the ease of communication between the brand and its target audience. The target audience that communicates with the brand name more quickly will remember and prefer the product and brand name more quickly.

c- A brand name should connotate the product’s production and service area as a meaning or sound related to its functional aspect. Purchasing decisions will increase by remembering the target audience, the brand name of the product or service, and the product or service. The target audience will identify the product with the brand name.

d- A brand name created according to global criteria should be phonetically examined by linguists in terms of meaning and structure. Because if the brand name we created evokes obscene, slang or an undesirable political phenomenon in another language, it may prevent the sale of the brand in that country and even create antipathy on people living in our own country and foreigners who know the language of that country. That’s why the brand; It should be examined in detail in terms of meaning and word structure (semantic and phonetic).

e- A newly created brand name should not have been used as a brand name in similar or different areas. But when expressed, it should not be like a word that has never been used; It should draw attention because the brand name is expressed while advertising and promoting the product or service. increases. BRAND NAMES that we created with the criteria of creating a global brand name; it enables you to appeal to more target audiences and increase your sales quality by carrying you from the local style to the national and global platform. Thus, by increasing production and employment, both the institution and the national economy of the country develop positively. With the communication quality that emerges with the brand name, the Loyal target audience is created more quickly. Marketing facilitates promotional activities and provides results in a shorter time, providing positive feedback and expected return. It justifies the scenario expressed in the advertisement and promotion and complies with the main idea in the advertisement. In public relations, marketing, promotion and advertising activities, feedback is obtained in a short time and in a positive way. It reduces the cost of expenses in advertising and promotion.

f- Brand name creation and positioning studies according to global criteria and scientific knowledge should comply with the internet communication and e-commerce system. In order for a brand name or brand to become a global brand, it should be accessible and accessible on internet search engines in case of need. Today, the internet is the most important and most effective communication tool for a brand to become a brand on a global and national platform. Therefore, all extensions of the domain name of the created brand name should be available (such as com, net, org, biz, info, us, com tr). If the domain name is not available, even if the trademark registration is available, the differentiation, branding and ease of access of the found brand name will be very difficult and incomplete since it is not compatible with the global branding system in internet communication. In addition, creating a global brand name that can be registered on social media sites (such as facebook, twitter, instagram) in global branding allows us to both get effective results from our promotional advertising activities and deliver our brand to a wider target audience. In addition, it will contribute to our being accessible and accessible in search engines on the internet.

g- The brand name that emerged with the efforts to create a global brand name must also be able to be registered in addition to the criteria including the technical studies above. It is possible to register in Turkey and in all the countries connected to the Madrid protocol.


1. Obtaining Real Information: At this stage, real information about the institution to be named is collected so that naming planning can be done. real information; The field of activity of the institution, the determination of the functionality of the goods and services to be produced, the aims of the institution and the target audience.

2. Preparation of Naming Plan: Naming plan; It is the planning of the period from the birth of the naming idea to the decision of the name. The plan includes elements such as how long the naming process will cover, who will take part in this process, who will make the decisions, how much budget will be allocated to this work.

3. Preparation of Candidate Name Lists: At this stage, the team working on naming prepares a fairly extensive list of names. The fact that the list contains many alternatives is one of the most important factors that will increase the chance of success in determining the name.

4. Pre-screening by the Consultants: The lists prepared are pre-screened by a few consultants. At this stage, only names that are considered absolutely impossible are removed from the list. The decisive reasons here are; Factors such as the existence of other institutions operating with the same name in the field in question, the research of domain names in order for the brand to be branded in the internet and intranet field, and whether there are problems with its meaning. Shortening the list is helpful as it saves time.

5. Conducting Legal Compliance Research: There are two different processes that need to be done here. The first of these is to determine if there is another institution with the same name among the options, and the other is to identify those with legal obstacles among alternative names. Candidate names with this type of disability are removed from the list.

6. Evaluation in Terms of Language Usage: At this stage, the pronunciation of the determined names is taken into account. Options that people have trouble saying are removed from the list.

7. Philological Dimension: The remaining name options are evaluated verbally and auditorily. Necessary philological and phonetic research is done about the brand name. Here, options that don’t sound good and names that have an inappropriate meaning are removed from the list. The meanings of the options may have different meanings in other languages. These meanings are determined and if necessary, objectionable names are removed from the list.

8. Market Research Evaluation: At this stage, a survey is applied to potential customers and the options in the list are ranked according to their rate of appreciation.

9. Making the Name Decision: The top management makes its choice among the remaining options and as a result of the studies, the only correct alternative is presented.