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Benefits of Logo and Product Design Registration

Design: It is the situation in which a product differs from other products in terms of appearance, such as form, line, shape, texture, color, and the structural condition of the material.


  • Design registration and trademark registration are different. With design registration, you prevent the use of the design by others by proving that it belongs to you         in every field.
  • If your design is not registered, it may be registered by others, and you may be subject to legal actions, lose your reputation and incur economic damage by                    stopping your production. In summary, with the design registration, you prevent malicious use.
  • By registering a trademark on your design, you use your design for promotional purposes only in the areas you specify, logo etc. Your designs can be used                     maliciously by changing the brand name and imitating others in different areas. Logo, product, packaging etc. By having DESIGN REGISTRATION, you protect your       visual designs in every field.
  • You can benefit from KOSGEB’s 15,000 TL design support.
  • You can mortgage, sell, transfer or inherit your registered design in many official institutions and organizations.
  • Proprietary logo, product, etc. With our visual designs, you can safely produce and promote without being imitated.

Why is Design Registration Necessary?

Just as brand, price and quality are a reason for preference for customers, design is also a reason for preference. Interesting and attractive designs also make a difference to products and brands. Different and attractive designs also affect the competition as they are the reason for preference. A person with such an important competitive element does not want to lose this power. Then, it is inevitable to register this competition instrument in order to be able to own it at the maximum level.

In addition, although designs are preferred, they represent a separate economic value when they emerge as a result of long R&D studies. The fact that the design expresses economic value before and after it makes registration mandatory.

By registering a trademark, we only register the name right. However, there are different registrations in a product due to different features. For example, we only protect the name of a product by registering the brand of a mobile phone. When we get the utility model registration, we preserve the functionality of different technical features. The three-dimensional image on the outer surface of the phone, the color that changes according to the day and night, the outer surface that appeals to the sense of touch, etc. When we register features such as design, we register the design. As you can see, three different features have been registered in a product. Whatever we register, we only protect that feature. That’s why we need to be aware of the fact that we have to deal with our brand in every aspect.

By registering your designs in every field, you will have a kind of title deed. If someone has registered it before you, you cannot claim rights even if you are the first to design it. It is not possible to protect the design you use with your brand by simply registering your brand name. Also, logo etc. You should also register your corporate designs and protect them. Otherwise, if a logo or logtype that you have used for many years is registered by someone else, you will have to renew the design unnecessarily and you will lose your clinging design. In addition, by registering your own design, someone else gains a legal basis and you become guilty with your own property and right. Therefore, you will both become guilty and incur economic damage.

By registering the logo, you register it to be used for promotional purposes only in the areas of the classes you have chosen. In design registration, you have the entire design by making a more rooted and comprehensive registration. When registering a design, you register all the details of who made the design, for what purpose, where it can be used, etc. With the design registration, you will create a wide area of ​​dominance over your logo by making a more comprehensive and comprehensive registration. Therefore, knowing the details of the design registration and having it done both ensure the design owner and enable him to use his designs smoothly and as he wishes.

Explanation :

When it comes to industrial design, the technical features of the products should not be considered. By industrial design, the external appearance of the products and the features that appeal to the sense organs are meant. External elements such as three-dimensional elements, colors, shapes, lines, etc. are evaluated within the design features. For example, imagine that you are designing a scented pen with a velvet surface. Functionally, it is still a normal pen. However, it appeals to the sense of touch and sense of smell in terms of external appearance. These features are related to the design of the pen. This visual; It adds visual functionality to products in promotion, marketing, sales and branding.

There are some conditions for the designs to be owned and protected. These are to have “New and Distinctive” features. Designs that have been produced and used by other people at the same time or previously in other places in the world cannot be registered. In order to be registered and protected, it must be unique and original. Being indistinguishably similar does not qualify them either.