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Benefits of Trademark and Patent Registration

Brand is the first concept that comes to mind when it is mentioned in the same field with its counterparts and at the same time, differentiating it from others. A DISTINCTIVE MARK is defined as a trademark that is used to distinguish similar products or services from the products or services of others, or used during the provision of a particular service.


  • By protecting your brand name, you prevent the use of the brand by others.
  • If your trademark is not registered, it may be registered by others, and you may be subject to legal lawsuits, lose reputation and suffer economic damage. While            you are right, you can be wrong. In summary, with trademark registration, you prevent malicious use.
  • You can benefit from many supports and grants provided by KOSGEB.
  • You can get a domain address for your brand.
  • Trademark registration is a must for production permission and export activities given by the government. In addition, you can give your registered trademark as a         mortgage and guarantee in many official institutions and organizations. You can sell, transfer and inherit your brand.
  • Brand registered companies and products create a value with the perception of quality and trust in the target audience.



Whoever has the registration is the owner of the trademark. Trademark registration forms a legal basis. The fact that a name has been used for years is not very binding in terms of protecting the brand. Trademark registration is handled in various dimensions. It should be registered separately in domestic and international areas so that a global brand can be created. In addition, the registration process does not protect at once.

Trademark registration allows us to protect our brand and prevents it from being used by others. If our trademark is not registered, it will lose its right if it is registered by others. We may be subject to legal cases. Our organization loses reputation and suffers economic loss. When we are right, we can be wrong. Trademark registration is the key to the brand. If we are safe without locking our safe, warehouse, building, etc., our brand is safe with unregistered trademark.

With the registered brand, companies and products gain a value with the perception of quality and trust in the target audience. Trademark registration is also a source of reputation for the organization. In other words, when a trademark is registered, it both secures itself and gives confidence to its stakeholders. It contributes positively in two ways.

According to the standards of TPI, it is envisaged to be registered in 45 different classes. There are certain fields of study and sectors in each class. In which classes the trademark is registered, your trademark is protected only in those fields of activity. You cannot claim rights in other areas.

For example, insurance services, financial and monetary services, real estate brokerage, customs consultancy services are registered with a registration process in Class 36. If others register the same trademark in another class, we cannot interfere with that trademark in other classes, we cannot claim rights. In which areas we have registered, we will protect our brand in those areas.

Trademark registration is made for a period of 10 years. As it expires, the registration must be renewed every pre-year. If we consider the registration process with all its dimensions, its duration, class/classes, domestic or foreign registration constitute our area of ​​dominance for our trademark. Considering all these criteria, we can create a brand with legal basis. Otherwise, our production or service may be stopped by encountering surprises, and we may be in an unfair position.

Explanation :

Words, numbers, letters, shapes, shape or packaging of the product and their presentation together are considered as trademarks. A brand is a real estate value that no one can carry in people’s minds. The brand should be like your universal coin! Its validity should be accepted all over the world! Brand protection is a system that protects brand owners who use brands in their products or services. The purpose of trademark registration is to benefit from the protection brought by special law. In cases where an unregistered trademark used by someone else is registered or applied for registration by a person who is not a right owner, the real trademark owner has the right to object or to annul the registration by filing a lawsuit. The most important issue to be considered when choosing a brand to be used for any product is that the chosen sign is different from other brands. The most important issue during trademark registration is the selection of the trademark and the determination of the goods or services to be covered by the trademark registration. The trademark must be distinguishable from the trademarks registered or used by others. Since the protection provided by trademark registrations is limited to the trademark to be registered and the goods for which the trademark will be used, the list of goods (products, goods) should be prepared in accordance with the actual business subject. It should also be considered that the trademark must be used on the goods listed in the goods list within five years from the date of registration, and that the trademark can be canceled by the court upon request for the goods for which the trademark is not used.