branch Iraq

We keep growing day by day and become a global brand
Our agency was established in 2001 as Markalize Brand Name Factory, it is based in Istanbul and has representatives in Konya, Bursa, Afyon, Antalya and Ankara.
Our agency, which continues to grow by improving itself day by day, provides great services on the world stage. Unlike classic advertising agency, it provides services in many areas such as global brand name creation, positioning, corporate identity studies, branding, website creation, brand management and trademark patenting.
We continue to globalize and grow and become a global brand day by day. Brand Name Center is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand by making significant investments in the global arena. The Iraq branch of the Trade Names Center has been opened for service. Our branch was opened in Erbil, Iraq headed by Azad Miro, one of the most valuable businessmen, and started to serve you, our respected brand friends.
We would like to express our infinite thanks to Mr. Azad Miro for working with us and wish him success in his growth and development on the world stage.
We are also planning to open representative offices in countries such as Libya and Algeria, and we are growing more and more in the global arena.