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Nowadays, the competitiveness of brand names and the importance of target audience perception are becoming more evident. Research has revealed that brand name is more important than the quality of function or product. Of course, for a company to be considered successful, it must impress its target audience and offer high-quality production and professional service, but brand names will enable you to attract large target audiences by taking you from local to national and global regions.

Global Brand Name Expert BayKanber (Mevlüt KANBER) is a professional who specializes in creating global brand names and has formed the foundation for successful large brands at home and abroad. Bai Canber, also known as the father of many brands, has played an important role in the growth and development of brands on the global stage as a result of the global brand names and corporate actions he has created. Asserting that willing, attentive, meticulous work and self-sacrifice will surely lead to success, BayKanber continues to grow globally and ensures its growth by placing a brand on everything it touches.

Emphasizing that the foundation of being a successful enterprise depends on a strong and global brand name, BayKanber creates professional brand names that can be used globally through the experience and knowledge gained over the past years in this field. BayKanber, which has been working with great dedication since 2001, has achieved success through the awards it has received and has been recognized as a global branding expert.

Global branding expert Bai Kanber achieved great success by being deemed worthy of first place in the UNESCO Anytime, Anywhere Mawlana Year promotion and logo project organized in 2007. In 2009, he received a shield of honor from the Prime Minister at a meeting Trademark Patent Awards organized by the Turkish Patent Institute, demonstrating that he is a successful trademark expert in his field. It participated in the Turkish World Cherry Brand Competition held in 2012 and won the first prize from the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Vesel Eroglu with the brand name “TADıKı”. Turkey won first place in the “Bolu EU Project” logo and slogan competition organized by Bolu State, receiving its award from the Minister of European Union Affairs, Egemen Bagis. Bey Canber, who participated in the logo design competition organized by Şırnak Municipality in 2020, contributed to Şırnak Municipality by providing services related to the design of the municipal logo, corporate identity, logo studies, trademark registration for the logo, promotional video, and city branding and was considered deserving of the first prize.

BayKanber has also worked with many leading companies in Turkey and made a significant contribution to the institutionalization of companies. He has the same name for many companies such as Defacto, Tevibo, Doğuşçay, Istanbul Ulatma, Metro Istanbul, Laguna, Prodorium, Tapiana, Virubi, Fawket, Istova, Talent Seasons Turkey, Media Market, Cosum Film and Emlakyab, and has handled the procedures of… Registering trademarks and company activities in a professional manner.

Contributing to the branding efforts through training and seminars, BayKanber has presented seminars at several universities and NGOs and has been invited to attend conferences.

Focusing on professional and global brands, BayKanber began working under the roof of an NGO in order to spread its message and goals to a wide circle. For this purpose, it established the “İSİMDER Brand Name Center”. This is considered the first center in Türkiye and the world. On the other hand, it aims to create professional and global brands from Türkiye.