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A logo is a symbol or shape that represents a brand, institution, organization, company, formation, society, or idea and contains graphic elements.

Logos are symbols created using images and symbols that give identity to an organization. It reflects the company’s image and status. It can consist of one or several letters.

Nowadays, it has been observed that many companies are trying to create a corporate identity. The reason for this is; Concepts or phenomena such as globalization, market concerns, image and innovation can be presented. A logo is the most important visual element that reflects a company’s identity. When designing a logo, a logo design must be created that is appropriate for the sector that the brand serves, explains what it does, and makes it easy for the target audience to understand. The most important element that distinguishes a company from other organizations is the logo and slogans.

In our daily life, the logos of these brands are etched in our minds as visual data. Sometimes the brands we adopt and accept are the brands and their visual symbols that fit our image or that we believe can give us the image we desire. The biggest goal of brands is to settle into the consumer’s mind and create brand loyalty for many years. To achieve this, brands use visual markings, logos, and a logo that includes it all. A successful brand must also have a successful logo. This placement puts the logo at the forefront in shaping the company’s identity and brand.

To become a trademark, a company must register and protect its logo and tagline. Otherwise the brand will be open to imitation and lose trust.

The principles and rules regarding trademark registration procedures are mainly regulated by industrial property law. Under this law, “shapes” are also included among the marks to be registered as trademarks.

Trademark, logo and tagline registrations give your company confidence. A registered trademark logo informs your target audience that it is an original work. This makes your brand more recognizable.

If your logo and trademark are not registered, you cannot prevent others from using them. Registration gives you a legal monopoly over your trademark and logo.

Your trademarks and registered designs are your industrial property. You can mortgage and guarantee them, sell them, transfer them and inherit them.

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