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Brand image is an expression that describes consumers’ thoughts, experiences and opinions about a brand. In other words, it is the way consumers perceive and interpret brand identity. Brand image is mostly created by customers’ satisfaction with the brand. While a brand image may sometimes be good for consumers, it may sometimes reflect a bad brand image for consumers. In order to reflect a good brand image, we need to work on increasing customer satisfaction.

The connections established between the brand and the consumer enable the consumer to adopt the product, brand, service and business and make it a part of their own life, thus creating brand addiction. This loyalty ensures long-term sales of the brand.

Brand image is all the efforts to create “trace value”, awareness and recall through mental perceptions. The journey of becoming a brand is the journey of creating a kind of brand perception in the mental market space through images. This journey is a very long process. To measure this, it is like a valuable and entertaining game consisting of intermediate processes and outcomes that need to be built with strategies and carefully managed, “like a difficult game of chess.” In order to win this game, i.e. create a positive brand image, customer requirements and expectations must be met. Hence, it will receive positive feedback from the target audience.

Importance of brand image:

We can briefly explain the importance of brand image as the way it creates commitment, habit and more loyalty in the target audience or those who engage in purchasing behaviour.

One of the most important factors of brand image is brand recognition. For a brand to be recognized and known among consumers, the brand image must also create an effective image. When a brand image portrays a good image, there will be positive returns for the brand and its recognition will increase.

Another factor that makes brand image important is that it is effective in increasing sales. By increasing customer satisfaction, a loyal customer base can be gained, as well as a new customer base, as these people will talk about the brand to people around them. At the same time, brand sales are increasing.

To improve brand image, brand identity should be created. Corporate identity must be created by defining how consumers want to see the brand. Thus, an image is created that is taken into consideration and evaluated by consumers.


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