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A logo is the name given to symbols or shapes that represent a brand, institution, organization, company, formation, society, or idea and contain graphic elements. The logo is divided into more than one group within itself, and the reason for this is due to the techniques used in the designs. The generally well-known and familiar types are logo, logo and tagline designs. On the other hand, logo refers to works that were originally prepared using text styles.

The visual identity, which has an important role in keeping the brand effectively in the consumer’s memory, is an important part of the corporate identity.

Nowadays, the importance of creative, attractive and eye-catching logo design is accepted by everyone. One of the most important points in branding is a logo that pleases the eye. In commerce, a product or company needs a promotion and logo to differentiate it from other companies.

Logos, which are images representing names, profiles or visions, are expressed as the external face of organizations. Logos form an integral and integrated part of the brand. It’s also a visible part of the brand culture. For this reason, it is important to create a logo design that fits the company’s identity.

Organizations or companies need a logo to reach the consumer or to show the quality of their products and services to the consumer. In addition, companies present their differences to the consumer with the support of the logo as part of their corporate identity. Through the logo, the personality and characteristics of the organization or product are conveyed and promoted to the target audience.

The logo should be simple and understandable, without tiring the eye or containing confusing elements. Since it depends on the company’s identity, the better the logo design, the better the image and appearance it creates. For a brand, being one step ahead means putting the brand on the market stage. Of course, branding is a time-consuming process that promises to make a real difference. Therefore, for a brand to differentiate itself and be successful in the market, it needs a professionally designed logo.

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