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Many answers can be given to the question of how to design a corporate identity. That is, the corporate identity constitutes a series of integrated actions with the color of the institution’s logo. The colors and shapes in the logo are used on all equipment, walls, vehicles, etc. of the organization. Items are used. Corporate identity design prices may vary depending on the design details, materials, and areas in which it will be used. It is also important to choose the right advertising agency. Examples of corporate identity should be evaluated by taking into account branded and proven companies. In addition, the references and work of advertising agencies partnering with the solution should be checked. Corporate identity design dimensions are generally prepared by creating standard templates. For example, business card, credit card, driver’s license, ATM, etc. measuring. Corporate envelopes are also in standard sizes. However, some organizations can create designs in unusual sizes and shapes to differentiate themselves. This means additional costs during printing. The seriousness of corporate identity work and the quality of its design will also impact the organization’s reputation and image. Therefore, the matter should not be taken lightly and serious studies should be conducted. Organizations specializing in corporate communications assume the role of corporate identity guide. Experts and institutions with experience that have been active in this field for many years can be used. When a corporate identity is saved in pdf format, it is saved to the highest standard and can be printed without compromising the quality when sent to print.