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In order to establish corporate identity, create brand loyalty and improve marketing, it is necessary to ensure consumer brand loyalty. A consumer’s positive thoughts, opinions, impressions and feelings about a brand can be defined as brand trust. Brand trust is the act of ensuring that consumers see the brand the way you want it to be seen.

One of the most important issues to consider to ensure consumer loyalty is brand image. Creating a brand image, gaining the trust of consumers, and conducting organizational and development studies that ensure their loyalty in the best possible way is called brand trust.

Brand trust is the phenomenon that ensures competition, promotion and more accurate transmission of the desired message to the customer base. Various studies are conducted in the field of customer relations in order to create a positive image of consumers and increase loyalty. As you build brand trust, your brand identity and image will begin to develop, thus ensuring customer loyalty. Creating competition in the sector, reaching the target audience and having a brand-loyal customer base depends on the brand trust you have created.

This document, which we call the Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC), ensures the reliability of brands and increases customers’ confidence in the brand.

With GUMIB-TOBNC certification, which guarantees brand reliability, brands increase customer potential, create customer loyalty and provide a significant increase in profits. In this way, brands not only gain a positive image, but also gain significant financial gains and increase their power in the sector.

Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC) enables customers to make easier choices and make easier purchasing decisions. It helps create a positive corporate image and increases competitiveness and sales. Customers know that the brand they trust meets their needs and they make their choices believing that they will get the best benefit. Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC) will also ensure that customer services are provided in the best possible way and consumer rights are protected.