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BRGHOME brand, which is in the field of home appliances and glassware, wanted to take steps to institutionalize and brand in a professional manner. During the institutionalization and branding process of BRGHOME, the logo design and corporate identity were created with the professional support of global brand name expert BayKanber, and it was ensured that the logo was compatible with the brand name and the brand’s field of activity. The logo is also designed to represent the brand’s mission. The trademark has been registered and taken under legal protection.

Our primary goal in designing our logo was to create awareness of “BRGHOME” among the target audience and create a design that can introduce the target audience to the industry in which you operate. For this reason, and in order to be different in choosing fonts, we designed hand-drawn shapes, logos and logotypes specific to the BRGHOME brand only. Each letter that makes up the “BRGHOME” brand logo is placed at certain intervals and in a specific order.

We would like to thank BRGHOME brand for choosing global brand name expert BayKanber to become a global brand in corporate and branding steps.