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BayKAMBER with brand name and global brand name: name; They are words given to us to inform and remind us of all living and non-living beings. A name is a very important element that can define and even direct a person’s life. Beliefs that a name can affect life positively or negatively exist in many societies with different cultural and social structures. In fact, the heavenly religions have also paid great attention to this issue.

The brand name is; Logos etc. are used to differentiate goods and services produced by enterprises and organizations. They are called “brand names” which can be designed with shapes, drawn, written and remembered by expressing them through phonetic perception.

Some people act randomly when choosing names for their children; Some people conduct detailed research and attach importance to the nomenclature. For this type of people, every person and the name they bear are special. In the past, when naming children, the names of grandparents were preferred; Now, families focus on the meanings of names. In other words, today more people choose names consciously than in the past. Because the meaning of the name, the perception of sound and culture have a great influence in shaping a person’s personality and temperament.

As is the case with the names of people, the names of companies that follow the path of institutionalization constitute a potential force for achieving success in their fields.

In past years, the policy of naming companies was almost non-existent. Just like human naming, it followed the traditional line. In other words, designations such as abbreviated or combined forms of surnames can be given as an example of this situation.

But now the process we call “branding” is starting to attract people’s attention. One reason for this is the increasing number of conscious consumers. As people become more aware, they become aware of the brand and what sets it apart from others. As this awareness increases, interest in agencies and brand experts who carry out branding activities naturally increases.

I have closely followed the path of branding in our country by observing it in my years of individual and scientific research and studies. I have demonstrated the importance I attach to my work by registering my name. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why I have the title of the first registered trademark consultancy company in Turkey.

When an organization approaches us to create a brand name and corporate identity, my team and I obtain all factual data about the organization in question before we begin our work. However, as a result of detailed research, a brand name suitable for your organization’s activities is recommended and the necessary presentations are made (including whether the brand name is suitable for use with domain names and many other criteria).

The content of the study covers a very deep and laborious process. But this process gives me and my friends great pleasure. Because we love our job. The stage of forming each business name is full of excitement and suspense. Just like giving birth to a child: there is beautiful peace and pride at the end. Our desire is to increase brand awareness in our country. Because brand awareness is directly related to consumer awareness. Conscious consumers are less likely to believe in cliche and gimmicky promises. That’s why branding is an important process for me.