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Although the brand name creation program sounds like a practical application, it does not actually lead to healthy results. Because a brand name is a concept that should not be considered independently of other people and organizations. It is possible that it may conflict with the registered names of other organizations. Therefore, it should be specified precisely. When you search for a brand name, searches on search engines are directed to advertising companies and not every title leads to a positive result. The process of creating a company name is not a direct brand name, but represents the infrastructure for the future brand. This is related to the name chosen and investment in the brand. Creating business names means work that must be carried out meticulously from the beginning. Therefore, it is an effort that requires some time-consuming study work. The stages of creating a brand name include areas such as how it relates to the existing company, what it means, in which countries it will be used, and what type of products it contains. The criteria for creating a brand name also include some important points. The name tag suggestions should be made of problem-free names sifted and selected to give healthy results. Otherwise the name may bring with it a number of problems once it is used. A brand name creation program is nothing more than an ineffective and harmful endeavor. Because making a brand a positive business is an effort that must be done by human hands.