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One of the most important points that distinguishes the company from its competitors is its brand name. Brand name is of great importance to the target audience.

For corporate identity to be successful, the company name must carry positive values. The value of the products and services produced by an organization bearing this name increases.

When creating a global brand name, the intention is to create a communication concept for the brand by creating global awareness with a comprehensive and harmonious perception of the brand visually and culturally.

A global brand should be easy to pronounce in other cultures and should not arouse bad connotations in those cultures.

It is necessary to check whether there are any legal barriers to using the brand name.

The strong name given to the brand initially enables it to create an important association between the consumer and the brand.

A brand name facilitates consumer choices by ensuring product quality and awareness.

In short, the basis of a company’s success depends on its brand name. The most important marketing decision you can make is the brand name we will put on the product. Market share increases based on the brand’s impact on consumers rather than product features. In the long run, a brand is not a better quality product, but a better quality name.