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A brand is basically a series of signs that stand for distinction and difference. Color, logo, name, etc. The ingredients and products to which a brand belongs differentiate companies from others. In other words, if it is protected and raised like a child, it becomes truly valuable.

The most important issue that Turkish businessmen and entrepreneurs overcome is to be a brand. Because as a society, we focus on hot production and sales. We carry out economic activities through short-term instant and daily accounts. That’s why, unfortunately, we don’t have brands that have been around for a century or two. With this attitude, it will be very difficult for us to leave a global brand as a legacy for the next century and the new generation.

The most important advantage of global brands is that they make the necessary investments on time and create value. At the same time, they promoted and protected these brand values. A valued and accepted brand now sets its own standards and becomes an authority in its field. Strong brands now continue their activities not through production but through the production of others. Since production work requires time and labor intensive, professional international brands; They set production standards and outsource to other companies. They devote the time and energy they spend on production to branding and marketing strategies, and they are making rapid progress. They can easily develop branding and marketing strategies.

For example, world-famous brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidas are produced in Turkey but are known as European brands. These strong brands have managed to become strong brands thanks to the investments they have made and the strategies they have developed, and now they sell value, not products. They assign work to contract manufacturers by specifying the type, raw materials, color, texture and other features of the products they will produce. On the other hand, manufacturers who show effort in production continue their activities with short-term accounts, focusing on immediate daily profits and paying attention to hot sales. Manufacturers focus on short-term profits and capitalize on long-term profits and brand returns.

Manufacturers must create an achievable brand value that meets global standards by developing the right marketing and branding strategies. They must develop the value of the future, not today, and leave a valuable legacy.

We can also compare brand value to mining business. Mine is valuable in itself. Finding mineral deposits, extracting them from the surface and delivering them to factories is a very difficult task. However, the person who processes the metal, shapes it into a finished product and puts it on the market becomes more profitable. Because it adds value to the raw metal. Gaining and maintaining brand value is also part of this process. It takes a long time and requires a lot of money, but once the pieces are in place, you begin to benefit from the blessing of value, not craftsmanship. That’s why investing in a brand should not be avoided. Creating brand value is a process that requires effort, patience and time. When creating a brand, original names should be created that will always remain and not cause any problems, promotion and positioning strategies should be defined, work, time and investment should not be avoided, and the day when they will pay off should be patiently waited for.