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Branding is the most important thing that distinguishes a business from other companies. When it is mentioned in the same field and at the same time as similar fields, the first concept that comes to mind is branding. A distinctive mark used to distinguish similar products or services from those of others or used in the course of providing a particular service is defined as a trademark. Legal protection of this mark is called trademark registration. A trademark, which is very important for businesses to survive and keep their existence on a solid foundation, should be registered and protected.

Today, the importance of the concept of the “brand” that is complementary to the product that will be presented to the consumer is increasing, as it is one of the important elements that defines the product’s identity, distinguishes the product, and adds value to the product. The product thus plays an effective role in the consumer’s purchase decision. An important factor in consumers’ purchasing behavior, companies must embed the brand in long-term consumer memory in their strategies and create brand loyalty by enhancing brand image.

In order to prevent your trademark from being used or confused by other companies, we must take it under legal protection by registering it;

Trademark registration is an industrial property right and provides legal protection. You will legally secure your trademark. In the case of use by persons and organizations that do not have rights, the right holder who has registered the trademark reserves the right to object by filing a lawsuit. Thus, damage to brand reputation and unfair profits are prevented.

Through trademark registration, companies can obtain the rights to their trademarks.

Thanks to the trademark registration procedure, individuals and companies can obtain licensed status. In addition, the right of inheritance and the right of transfer are provided through trademark registration.

Registration increases competitiveness and brand reputation.

It provides convenience in your foreign registration procedures.

It prevents anyone else from purchasing the same or similar version of your brand in the same line of business.

You can only buy sites with the extension, which is a big advantage in Turkey, with trademark registration.

It does not expire as long as the fee is paid every 10 years, and you can sell, inherit or transfer your trademark to someone else in the future.