Fiat Automotive

Fiat Automotive

The Fiat Automotive brand with its own services

Our company, which has taken brand steps in the world arena, has been operating in Konya for many years in the field of repair, maintenance and spare parts as a special car service for Fiat. Since its establishment, it has been one of the most preferred and most trusted companies in Konya and Central Anatolia. It has provided endless confidence to its customers by training the brand’s certified personnel. According to the company, which has certified and expert personnel, we saw the appropriate slogan “Maintenance Repair, Strong Team” and assured above all, that we will act in a team spirit.

We have reflected the new brand image by preparing corporate identity studies for the company that contacted us to create a brand in the global arena.

The company, which has taken the steps of branding and institutionalization, received professional support from the global brand specialist consultant Bay Camper in the process, and the “Otofia” brand, which can be used in the world arena, was identified.

Considering the services provided during the brand name creation phase, the most appropriate brand name was determined. Care has been taken to be a brand name that can be used in the global arena, and a professional study has been carried out by making sure that the brand name is compatible with the logos, slogan and corporate business. It has been confirmed that it is different from similar brand names. The search was conducted during the brand name research phase, and opinions were received. In the process of determining the brand name, a study was conducted according to the criteria for finding the brand name. It has been kept in mind that the brand name is easy to pronounce, attractive and pronounced in every language.

The compatibility of the global brand name created with the logo design is ensured. The logo design is also designed to represent the brand’s mission.