GUMIB-TOBNC and ISO-9001 quality management system

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Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) is now issued under the supervision of the “İSİMDER Brand Name Center” organization which implements the ISO-9001 Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a globally accepted model of quality management system that aims to increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations, needs and regulatory requirements. It defines the terms of a quality management system at many points, from the organizational structure of the organization to the level of satisfaction of its customers, from analysis of collected data to effective management of operations, from internal audits to product design, and from purchasing to sales. The ISO 9001 standard is essentially a control mechanism. The purpose of this standard is to reduce and eliminate errors and defects and, most importantly, to prevent errors and defects that may occur. The standard is not directly related to the quality of the product and service, but it is related to the quality of the management system. The underlying assumption here is that if an effective quality management system is established and implemented, high quality products and services will be produced to meet customer needs.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Trusted of Brand Name Certification (GUMIB-TOBNC) has guaranteed the brand reliability of its customers for brands, increased its contribution to brands in the national and international arena, and proven that it offers high quality products. And services.