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Although brand awareness is not fully established in our country, expectations are high. Branding and gaining brand value is a process that takes time and requires economic investment. However, in our country, investors and entrepreneurs expect a ready-made brand when creating a brand.

First of all, strategic planning is required to create a promising brand name. A brand name must be created according to the standards it needs to become a trademark. There is no opportunity to sculpt, shape or refine the brand name later. With this in mind, you must create a brand name that meets all the branding criteria. After creating a brand name, you must follow branding strategies and make progress towards the brand.

As mentioned before, when creating a business name in our country, there is an expectation of readiness. However, when we first hear the names of most international brands, the situation will be completely different. Let’s imagine that we are hearing about the global brands that we love so much for the first time; we probably won’t like them at all, and we probably won’t care about them phonetically. The reason we love these brands today lies in their long-term acceptance and brand value. The brands we admire today may not have been highly respected when they were first born, but the progress and development the brand has achieved has added value to the brand over time. Brands, which may have meant nothing when they were first created, have reached their present state as a result of years of effort, through meticulously following brand strategies, investing in advertising and brand promotion, improving the quality of brands, and increasing the quality of the product or service.

Many brands that were described as ridiculous when they first appeared in the market have now joined the popular brand chain. Again, the brand names we admire today but don’t take seriously will peak over time. There are two stages to this. First, you must create a business name that is strategic, precise and does not cause any problems. In the second stage, brand investments and branding efforts deployed over time will lift the brand to the top. We must know that it will not be possible to create bright brands without taking all these elements into consideration and combining the components that make a brand a brand.