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Movable or immovable property, money, gold, as well as a trademark can be left as an inheritance. People generally buy lands, fields, apartments, etc. as inheritance for the next generation and their children. They leave out real estate values. However, the value obtained as a result of establishing a global trade name that complies with global communication standards and investing in it is the most important real estate value that is constantly acquired. In order for your trademark to be transferred, it must also be registered. By registering the brand name that we will create, we consider it under legal protection. A trademark name can be protected indefinitely by registering it every ten years. You can sell, transfer and inherit your trademark that has been registered and minted to some extent. You can mortgage your registered trademark like immovable property and give it as security.

Dear brand friend

* The commercial heritage of the future is the brand…

* Create a brand name as a legacy for the future!

*A new business name will make you successful in the future.

*The biggest investment for the future is a global brand name!

By creating a global brand name that complies with global communication standards, is inimitable and inimitable, and by positioning and registering the brand name correctly, you will capture significant invisible value. The amount of value is directly related to how many categories your brand is registered in, in which countries, and how much investment has been made in the brand. When you create a brand name from scratch, protect it, and take it to a global level by investing in advertising, you are creating an asset from scratch.

By registering a trademark, we not only protect our brand but also give confidence to the target audience. This trust is one of the most important aspects of a brand’s success. At the same time, we can only purchase sites with the com.tr extension, which is a big advantage in Turkey, by registering a trademark.

Your investments in a new global brand name take you to the future and success. It will also enable you to leave a valuable legacy for those after you. With the investment you make in your brand name, your brand value will increase and you will gain a global presence. By creating a global brand name, you can pass on great values to those after you as a heritage brand, just like major global brands.