New global brand “BİPOŞET”

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A global and corporate brand name was identified by doing professional work for the company that wanted to create a global brand name and logo design that reflects the brand’s field of activity in the field of plastic household goods, is understandable, and is admired by the target audience.

With the professional support of global brand name expert BayKanber, the brand name “BİPOŞET” has been determined, which can be used globally.

In this process, the most appropriate brand name was determined by taking into account the services provided during the brand name creation stage and the brand’s field of activity. Care was taken to ensure that it was a trade name that could be used globally, and a professional study was conducted by ensuring that the brand name was compatible with the logos, slogans, and corporate works. The logo design is also designed to represent the brand’s mission. The trademark has been registered and protected.