No to foreign brands, yes to Turkish brands

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We are losing awareness and awareness of using Turkish brands every day. We need to further develop and differentiate our rich language.

The Turkish language, which is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, has lost its value recently as companies imitate foreign brands and the number of foreign brand names increases. In addition, interest in foreign brands has increased due to Western admiration and subconscious consumers.

However, we have a very rich and perfect language. The use of Turkish brands will allow the development of our language and Turkish brands to represent us abroad. In this regard, we have to be more careful and sensitive about the use of Turkish brand names.

A brand name is one of the most dangerous values ​​to invest in. Investing in a brand name ensures the development, growth, advertising and promotion of the brand because it reflects the values ​​of the country to which it belongs. For this reason, branding is a communication tool.

Branding in Turkish means that we must create our own Turkish language brand names and introduce and advertise these brand names globally. We must take steps to raise awareness among the consumer community and encourage them to resort to Turkish brand names. Consumers should be supported and encouraged by the public to use Turkish brand names. Thus, we will ensure awareness of Turkish brands and representation of our country abroad.

In recent years in particular, our country has become a country that exports to many different countries of the world in sectors such as food, textiles, furniture, construction, machinery and the defense industry. If Turkish brand names are used, especially in exported products, we will take a giant step towards Turkish branding on the global stage.

Taking down banners in foreign languages ​​and stopping commercial establishments recently built in our country is a wrong position. Since the primary potential customers of an Arab, British or Russian company will be its citizens, it is natural that they will have trade names and trademarks in their own language. Our main goal is for Turkish companies to use Turkish brand names by using our rich Turkish language, seeing it as value and investing in the brand name, and representing our country abroad with a Turkish brand name.

As a result, all of our industrialists, businessmen, traders and producers must contribute to the recognition of our language and culture by putting Turkish brand names on the products they produce. By acting with this awareness, we must show that we trust our country, our language and ourselves and be able to say “No to foreign brands, yes to Turkish brands.