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Trusted Brand Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC) No. 2022/132531 with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, within the scope of Industrial Property Law No. 6769, to be protected for a period of 10 years starting from 12.09.2022, in classes 35, 41, 42 and 45 dated 18.01. 2023.


Legal definition of the GARANTI Brand


A warranty mark is a mark used by multiple companies under the control of the trademark holder to ensure the common features, production methods and geographical origins of those companies.

The main feature of the Garanti trademark is that it can be used by all companies that meet the specified criteria. Guarantee Mark [Certification Mark] A company wishing to use this Guarantee Mark (Certification Mark) must approach the company/institution owning the trademark and request information about quality, production methods, geographical origin, etc. You may require the use of this Warranty Mark by ensuring its compliance with the terms relating to Shared Features.