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One of the most important elements that put companies and brands in the strongest position is the element of difference. To be different, deep analysis and research must be done when creating a brand name or company name; Similar or imitation names should not be used.

One of the most important reasons why trademarks are similar or overlapping in the business world is the effort it takes to trademark a business name rather than produce an original brand name. Specifically, in the early years of their founding, companies start with a plain name without any brand awareness. They register the names of their companies with the Chambers of Commerce. Chambers of Commerce, on the other hand, do not have a central assembly system and only have a list of commercial establishments for the city or region in which they are located. On the other hand, in the Chamber of Commerce there are no concerns such as trademark similarity or imitation as in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, and companies are registered directly.

In the long run, companies want to brand their company name. Although it appears that a unique name was used in the first year of incorporation, it turns out that the same brand name is used by many companies across the country. This similarity or resemblance also arises in the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

The biggest trademark mistake is to think that the name that was selected when the company was incorporated and written on the tax plate is a trademark registration. In the future, companies face legal penalties for these errors.

There are two different issues regarding trademarks and trademark registration. These are similarities in names that occur because companies like to use the company name as a business name after a while. A second problem arises from the fact that chambers of commerce cannot match similar trade names because they operate independently of the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office. Since the Chambers of Commerce does not work fully with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and there is no concern regarding trademarks, they accept all applications. In this case, it brings problems with the brand in the long term.

Valued merchants and businessmen should pay attention to whether they are appropriate for trademarks when selecting company names. Or it is recommended to choose a new and different name instead of the company name.

In the legal aspect of trademarks, it would be appropriate for chambers of commerce to work in an integrated manner with the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office. In other words, companies must register with the Chambers of Commerce after having their names reviewed and approved by the Turkish Patent Office during the establishment phase, so as not to cause problems with trademarks in the future. During corporate branding, both entrepreneurs and chambers of commerce have a responsibility to act more consciously and in an integrated manner. If a common system is developed, branding problems will disappear and more authentic brands will emerge. In this way, the correct and guaranteed branding will be achieved.

It should be noted that the brand name and the company name are different, and it should not be assumed that the company name is a trademark name and registered with a tax plate. The brand name must be created by working with a brand name expert such as Bykanber and this trademark must be registered.

Corporations also gain value as organizations that bear their names. Business names must also be registered separately, such as trademarks. But the culture of the product and service is a different culture from the company name. We advise you to create a separate trade name for your product and service and for your brand name to be different from the company name and for it to be registered in Turkey and abroad. .