A new system has been added to the systems of defense industries that have increased over time in our country. In particular, Turkey has begun to make a name for itself in the defense industry. It was decided to create such a system, taking into account the need for the defense industry, which has increased recently. Halil Mert, who has been in the sector for many years, aims to create defense systems called SAVORAS. The fact that the Savoras brand name directly evokes the defense industry creates added value for the concept.

In the process, the SAVORAS brand was defined by receiving professional support from BAYKAMBER brand specialist.

Considering the services provided during the brand name creation phase, the most appropriate brand name was determined. It has been confirmed that it is different from similar brand names. The search was conducted during the brand name research phase, and opinions were received. In the process of determining the brand name, a study was conducted according to the criteria for finding the brand name. It was taken into account that the brand name is easy to pronounce, attractive and pronounced in every language.

The compatibility of the global brand name created with the logo design is ensured. The logo design is also designed to represent the brand’s mission. Protection by trademark registration