The base of a company’s success depends on its brand name

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A brand is the first concept that comes to mind when it is mentioned in the same field and at the same time as its counterparts, which distinguishes it from others. A distinctive mark used to distinguish similar products or services from those of others or used in the course of providing a particular service is defined as a trademark.

One of the most important differentiators that separates a brand from its competitors is the brand name.

Choosing the right strategy and determining a brand name are as effective in branding success as determining the style of visual expression that will remind the consumer of the brand. For corporate identity to be successful, the company name must carry positive values. The value of the products and services produced by an organization bearing this name increases. A brand name provides a connection between consumers and the brand, especially by reflecting the values espoused by the brand. When selecting a brand name, it should primarily reflect the purpose of the brand positioning, the connotation you want to convey, the brand image and its features. When creating a company name, care must be taken to ensure that it is vocal, evocative of the work done, unique, and that its domains and social media platforms are accessible. The created brand name should have a positive meaning on the global and national platform and create integration in perception, should be simple, easy to pronounce and have no inappropriate meaning.

Brand logo is the use of distinctive colors and fonts so that the brand name stays in people’s minds.

The strong name given to the brand initially enables it to create an important association between the consumer and the brand.

A brand name facilitates consumer choices by ensuring product quality and awareness.

A good brand name enables a company to expand its customer potential and increase customer loyalty.

In short, the basis of a company’s success depends on its brand name. The most important marketing decision you can make is the brand name we will put on the product. Market share increases based on the brand’s impact on consumers rather than product features. In the long run, a brand is not a better quality product, but a better quality name.

As a brand name institute, Brand Name Expert BayKanber has made a name for itself through the many brand names it has created that are suitable for use on the global stage.

There are certain points that we pay special attention to when creating a brand name. This ensures that the brand is successful in its field, strong and a brand that will be used globally.

During the stage of creating a trade name, information such as the field of activity of the enterprise, the goods and services to be produced, the objectives of the enterprise and the target audience are collected.

A very extensive list of names is prepared by our naming unit, and then a preliminary selection is made from among these names.

By removing names that are believed to be definitely not on this list, it is investigated through official channels whether there are any jurisprudential, phonetic or formal problems with the brand name and whether this name has been used before.

In order for a brand name to become a trademark in the Internet and Intranet (intranet), domain names are searched and checked whether the brand name is suitable in all respects.

Then it is checked whether there are any legal obstacles to using this name.

The ease of pronunciation of the name found, its degree of memorability, and the meanings it evokes are discussed. The search is done by ensuring that the name sounds beautiful, does not have any inappropriate meaning, and does not differ from the meanings in other languages.

We continue to work with all our might to make you a strong brand on the global stage with brand names created as a result of the very meticulous work done by brand name expert BayKanber and his team.