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Logos are an important tool in communicating a brand to its target audience. L. Whittier, author of Creative Advertising, says the following about what a slogan should be in his book: “It should indicate the value of the product or service. It should help the target audience perceive the brand message. It should be constantly emphasized in advertising and should “To be in a structure that the audience will enjoy remembering.” What is said in the marketing and advertising literature about the brand logo is approximately consistent with the Whittier logo.

In other words, the brand logo should be clear and understandable. The brand’s target audience and social stakeholders don’t have to think long and hard to understand the logo. The brand promise to the consumer must be present on a rational or emotional level. Because, as is always emphasized, the perfect strategy is built on a single promise. The logo explains this promise clearly. Understanding and remembering the logo is also an important milestone. Aiming to capture the style of global perception through our brand reference logo, it brings a global culture to our brand.

A good logo is one of the indispensable conditions for building a successful brand. Before developing a good logo, you should analyze the target audience and come up with the most ideal logo for the brand. Accurately defining your target audience is extremely important in terms of logo development. Besides analyzing the target audience, one of the most important issues is the suitability of the brand to its field of activity and its direct reflection of the brand. Logos should also be eye-catching, arouse the curiosity of the target audience and foster brand loyalty.

Logos should be included in brand advertising and promotions. It must be used in the products produced by the brand, in their packaging, in short, in all marketing activities. Because the most effective slogans in terms of brand awareness and the target audience’s ability to remember the brand are the slogans included in advertising activities.


Developing a successful logo is not easy. As a result of days of research by experts in this field, a logo that suits the brand should be used. Choosing the wrong logo will greatly damage the brand and negatively affect the brand image. Logos should be created with the support of experts to prevent your brand from getting damaged and brand image not being negatively affected.

Logos enhance the status of brands and contribute to achieving the desired status. Most importantly, the logo is one of the elements of brand identity, and through logo registration, such as trademark name registration and logo registration, it is legally protected and prevents the theft of the logo by competing companies.

If we list the features that a successful logo should have;

  • It must be short and original,
  • It should be easy to remember,
  • Must arouse curiosity,
  • It must rhyme and match the phonetic similarity,
  • It should be interesting, surprising, innovative,
  • It should not be changed frequently,
  • It should not have a negative meaning when translated into other languages.

For brands to succeed, the perfect brand logos must be created by working with a team of experts in their field and the features I mentioned above must be taken into account. We have been creating global brand names for over 20 years and identify the perfect brand logo to ensure companies’ success and global branding.