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Product, service and business trademarks are generally formed around the brand name. Brands that go global by implementing successful strategies have two important components, which cannot be evaluated independently of each other. The first is the professional brand name, and the second is the investments made in the brand.

In the branding process, we can compare the brand name with the center of attraction and the mark. . The professional brand name, created in light of the vision and mission statements, is located at the center and the other brand components are located around the brand name. Logo, corporate identity, colors, company culture, logo, advertising, promotion, marketing, marketing communications, etc. The items are equipment of a global brand name.

For a promising brand that aims to be global, careful work must be done to find the brand name. You should seek support from branding experts. A professional brand name should be selected. An existing brand name must also be protected by trademark name registration.

We talked about professional brand name. No matter how much advertising and marketing investment is made on a brand name created without proper analysis, it will cause losses to the brand owner at the end of the day. Such a brand is like a building built on a weak foundation. No matter how original the building’s architecture is, palliative measures will not work because its foundations are weak and it will collapse in the first earthquake it is exposed to. An unsuccessful brand name is the same way. It is bound to disappear after a while.

A successful brand name should be easy to pronounce. Very long brand names should be avoided. A brand name should not evoke negative meanings, events or concepts in its target audience. It should not have suggestive connotations. It should not cause any bad political, social, religious or ethnic connotations. Otherwise, no matter how much investment is made in the brand, the brand name is doomed to go bankrupt over time.

A successful brand name should be as distinctive as possible. It should not have a similar trade name. In particular, there should not be a trade name operating in the same sector. If a brand name is too similar, the created brand name will become an imitation and cause legal and economic disadvantages. The more different the brand name is, the safer it is and patenting the trademark will be possible. Brand patent is a brand’s identity and represents its reputation with the target audience.

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