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As part of epidemiological measures, a curfew was imposed across the country between April 30 and May 17, leading to a complete lockdown. Between the specified dates, all workplaces were asked to stop their activities, except for exceptional areas such as the production, manufacturing, food and health sectors. In this case, most of the company’s employees and civil servants switched to working from home.

Since the Markalize family is the center of the brand name, our company, which always provides customer satisfaction without disrupting our business during this period and always takes into account the wishes and expectations of its customers, switched to working from home during the curfew between April 30 and May 17 and created new valuable brand names. big. We have continued our work from home to ensure that our business continues without interruption and that our customers and target audience are not harmed by this process.

Branding company ByKanber, which has been branding everyone it touches for over 15 years, continues its work and brand even during the complete lockdown. During this period, which had negative consequences for many companies, ByKanber turned this process into an opportunity and continued to strengthen its brand and grow globally. ByKanber and his team continued their work successfully and faithfully, creating many new brand names during the seemingly negative lockdown period.

ByKanber, which carries out meticulous work in brand name creation, has continued to meet its customers’ expectations by professionally creating new brand names during these periods when the pandemic persisted and people started working from home. Believing that a successful brand name should be as different as possible, ByKanber continued to make a name for itself through the different and successful brand names it created during the lockdown period.

In order to have an indispensable place in the hearts of our customers during this difficult period, we continue our work, creating and trademarking new brand names with brand name expert ByKanber.

While the lockdown period is still ongoing, ByKanber continues to lead the way in brand consulting.

While it is not yet known when the epidemic will end or when it will be under control, brand name expert ByKanber, which continues its work without interruption during this difficult period and continues to create new brand names on the global stage, continues its work despite all the difficulties.