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When it is mentioned in the same field and at the same time as similar fields, the first concept that comes to mind is branding. A distinctive mark used to distinguish similar products or services from those of others or used in the course of providing a particular service is defined as a trademark. Legal protection of this mark is called trademark registration.

Why register trademarks?

By registering it, a trademark gains legal status and gives its owner a monopoly right by providing legal security.

Thanks to this acquired right, the use of trademarks by others is legally prohibited.

It helps your brand stick in the market and is effective in creating demand.

It increases your sales and competitiveness because you cannot be imitated.

It increases your profitability by applying a pricing strategy that is different from your competitors with the brand that you launched, achieved success and registered in the market.

The brand you produce, sell or serve and register will help you create a loyal customer base by building a solid bridge between you and your customers as the only sign of your quality.

The trademark registration period is legally 6 months.

The trademark registration certificate is your industrial property, and the legal rights it gives you are unlimited provided that you pay the fees every 10 years.

Trademark expert BayKamber, who has been trademarking everyone he touches for over 15 years, also gives you confidence in trademark registration and protects you from your trademark being used or stolen by others. BayKamber, which has earned a reliable identity and reputation in the field of trademark registration through its hard work, registers your trademark in 45 classes.

In order not to risk the image and reputation of your organization, you should register your trademark as soon as possible.