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In order not to remain indifferent to some events and developments, the reaction is the most effective method instead of repeating slogans or verbal responses. We took a step in this direction and established the Institute of Brand Names Association (ISIMDER) in 2013 in order to respond to foreign names in our country and provide guidance in the right field. Under the roof of our association, we work to study and develop similar naming efforts, whether they are brand names, baby names, or concepts used on signs.

Our work aims to inform, educate, guide and provide constructive criticism rather than dry criticism. While creating new brand names, we try to create Turkish brands around the world by highlighting our Turkish language without being influenced by foreign languages. We encourage our entrepreneurs to produce Turkish brands. However, we recommend producing brands that are conscious and compliant with official, legal and global communication standards. In other words, words and concepts that are ordinary to us may cause misunderstandings in other languages. Considering this, we are trying to create Turkish brands globally and encourage our entrepreneurs to work in this direction.

There are some problems with foreign brands and foreign brands in our country. In some major cities in particular, workplaces have been invaded by signs bearing foreign names, most of them in English. The dominance of foreign words in trademarks is not only not welcomed by our citizens, but is also harmful to our country’s image in the international arena. Because the extensive use of English words and trademarks creates the perception of a colonial country. It puts the country’s culture and national identity in the background. Some municipalities impose penalties to prevent the unconscious use of foreign names. The main thing is to block foreign trademarks before using them and create and use alternative Turkish brand names. Especially since once a foreign word enters our language, its equivalent must be found in Turkish and the concepts must be translated into Turkish.

There is a new problem in our country recently, which is that our markets have become global as our Syrian guests participate in commercial life. While some shops write Turkish and Arabic names, others prefer to write names in Arabic only. This situation creates communication problems and attracts reactions from our citizens. It is noted that foreign names are widely used in our cities and tourist areas. Such practices can only be prevented through bans and penalties. Regulations and standards should be established in accordance with these practices. Before hanging signs, procedures must be determined and names must be used according to standards. Since our official language is Turkish, signs must be created in Turkish and other languages must be placed appropriately for explanation and translation. We believe that as long as Turkish names and brands are given priority, foreign names will not pose a major problem. We, as the administration of the Turkish Name Institute, continue our work to protect and develop our Turkish language, and our door is open to all our citizens who have dedicated themselves to our Turkish language.

mawlud kanber

Brand name expert

President of the Brand Name Institute Association