The Tilmaan brand, which operates as a tour operator, wanted to take the steps of institutionalization and branding in a professional manner. In the process of institutionalizing Tilmaan, it was ensured that the global brand name created with logo design was consistent with the professional support of global brand name expert BAYKAMBER. The logo is also designed to represent the brand’s mission. A registered and protected trademark.
Our main goal in designing our logo was to create awareness among the target audience for “Tilmaan” and to make a design that could inform the target audience about the field in which he works. That is why, in order to differ in the choice of fonts, we have designed exclusively hand-drawn shapes, logos and types of logos belonging to the Tilmaan brand. Each letter that makes up the “Tilmaan” brand logo is placed in a certain order at certain intervals.
We would like to thank the Tilmaan brand for choosing global brand name expert BAYKAMBER in order to become a global brand in its institutionalization and branding steps.