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The key element for any business is to be a trusted brand. Being a trusted brand guides the brand and increases its reputation.

In today’s world, many brands are being born and wars are now being fought not only on the front lines but also through brands. Huge competitive battles have arisen to weaken the brand and tarnish its reputation by its competitors.

It is very important for brands not to be affected by this situation and remain reliable in the eyes of customers. Because the target audience is now oriented towards trust-oriented commerce. With the increasingly competitive environment in recent times, we are seeing brand wars more frequently.

In addition, brands represent the countries, and even the groups and families in which they are located.

If a brand is successful and trusted, the brand has international brand value; As the brand becomes richer, this country becomes richer as well. Therefore, it provides added value to the country’s economy by providing more job opportunities.

If brands are damaged, the country’s economic structure will be in a difficult situation and significant financial losses will occur.

Lately, we see that brands are actually tools of war. how? For example, when a trademark is boycotted or damaged in any way, the country to which the trademark belongs economically is also affected by this situation. For example, with the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza, Israeli brands were boycotted and damaged by many people, and the Israeli economy was also damaged, but it was also successful. We can understand from here that the State of Israel, as the country it represents with its brand, has suffered the greatest economic damage in the brand wars. Because they incurred huge losses in exports and sales.

In order to win the brand wars and become a stable brand, it is necessary for the brand name to be reliable. Because reliable brands are able to survive and manage the crisis well in all types of crises and negatives.

If you can position yourself as a global and trusted brand, you can win the brand wars and successfully manage the crisis management process.

The path to becoming a reliable brand starts with creating a global and reliable brand name. After creating a reliable brand name, we must design the logo and corporate identity and officially register our brand in foreign markets. At the same time, we must ensure that this brand is easily accessible to the target audience through advertising and promotional activities on social media and website. Finally, by obtaining the Trusted Of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) issued by ISIMDER Brand Name Center, we prove that the brand is completely reliable and we will always be a successful brand in the brand wars.