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An important way to succeed in business, sustainability, value creation and rapid growth is to create your own products and solutions, and professionally protect patents and utility models. No one wants a product that sometimes takes years of time, money and, above all, effort to produce, develop and design, to be produced and sold by other people or companies without permission. However, for a person to claim that all rights to these products belong to him, there must be a document at hand. This document is possible through trademark registration and obtaining a patent for the developed product.

What is a utility model?

The utility model is a property right that provides protection to new inventors around the world and can be applied in the industrial field. A utility model certificate can be obtained in a shorter time and for a lower fee than a patent certificate. In this way, it is believed that it will encourage small and medium industries and research institutions to make inventions and industrial applications of these inventions. On the other hand, especially today, there is a risk that innovations offered by SMEs will be imitated by competitors by making almost the same innovations. Protecting the inventions of these SMEs, even if modest, through the issuance of a utility model certificate would serve to maintain their economic existence.

There are two types of protection methods for inventions made in our country’s system. These are patent certificate protection and utility model protection. According to the patent document, there is no examination process in the utility model document. For this reason, utility model certification can be obtained in a shorter time and at a lower cost.

In the utility model document system, protection is granted to the invention in question according to the content of the research report. While a patent certificate provides protection for 20 years, a utility model certificate provides protection for 10 years. The protection periods for patent documents and utility models cannot be extended.

  • Obtaining a utility model certificate allows you to save your budget and time.
  • By obtaining utility model certification, you can ensure your continued economic presence and reduce the possibility of imitation in this sector.
  • Utility model certification allows many companies to work further on and develop their inventions.

As a Markalize brand name center, we ensure our clients’ satisfaction by following the entire process meticulously and professionally starting from conducting necessary research before registering inventions in patent and utility model registrations, preparing patent and utility model specifications, filing and finalizing an application.