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It is the method used by the organization to show that itself and its products differ from its competitors in the sector with its own identity, and it covers all visual communication works that distinguish a business from other businesses and reflect the identity, position, mission, vision and image of the company. In their simplest definition, they are the elements that make up a company’s image, allowing the company’s identity to be understood. The most important of these elements are the visual elements. Efforts to ensure that the customer recognizes the company at first glance have become part of the company’s identity. These and similar activities help companies create a certain image of their target audience and environment.

Corporate image is also very important in terms of customer preference criteria in a competitive environment. Corporate identity increases an organization’s image by contributing to the organization’s branding process. These and similar activities help companies create a certain image of their target audience and environment. Logos, colors and font style are very effective in creating a corporate identity. The organization’s identity is the showcase. The first thing customers see is the organization’s logo. The logo should reflect the work done by the organization and be complete in color and text style.

Creating a corporate identity involves a certain process. Corporate identity is created by analyzing it properly. In the process of creating a corporate identity, companies should pay attention to their corporate identity designs and work with professional people.

Creating a successful corporate identity;

  • Create a brand name,
  • designing a logo,
  • Create brand logos
  • Create other elements of the company (business cards, brochures, letterheads, website, file design, etc.) For this reason, it is necessary to examine the identity of the company as a whole.

For this reason, it is necessary to study institutional identity as a whole and create it professionally by giving importance to institutional identity studies in order to enhance institutional identity, be successful, and reflect a positive image.

There are important issues that we need to pay attention to when creating corporate identity studies. One of the most important issues is that the corporate identity must be original. Logos consisting of similar slogans or names may harm your brand and strengthen the hand of competing companies.

Another important element that we should pay attention to when creating corporate identity studies is that we need to work with experts in their field during the process of creating a corporate identity.

Corporate identity should reflect the overall structure of the brand, sector, business area, products, and elements that form the foundation of the organization such as vision and mission.

Global brand name expert BAYKAMBER carries out corporate identity activities professionally with its team of experts. Creating a corporate identity is a task that requires a lot of dedication. First of all, it is necessary to define the company’s story, values and goals and succinctly define what the company wants. That’s why we send a briefing to get to know the company and understand what it wants. In line with the information in the recognition summary, we begin working on the appropriate corporate identity for the company. After this stage, a very large list of names is prepared by our experts in the field and initial selection is made from these names. Names that are believed not to be on this list are definitely deleted. It is investigated through official channels whether there are any jurisprudential, phonetic or formal problems with the brand name and whether this name has been used before. If these conditions are met and the brand name is selected, logo design work begins. While creating designs, we take into account the expectations of the era and the sector in question. After the brand name and logo design work, appropriate logos for the company are selected. After completing the first stages, the presentation stage begins. Presentations prepared by our team of experts are submitted for approval by company officials. After negotiations with the company, necessary reviews are made and corporate identity work is completed.