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It can be said that industrial design is everything that consists of elements or features that can be perceived by human sense organs, such as all or part of any product or the decoration on it, line, shape, shape, color, texture, or material. A product includes things, such as graphic symbols, packaging, or patterns on the package, which consist of parts of an integrated system that can be produced industrially or manually.

Design is the name given to elements such as shapes, patterns, lines and colors found in your existing products. If you like shapes, patterns, lines, colors, etc. in your products. If you believe the items have never been shown before, are completely unique and your own, you can apply for design registration.

You can comply with industrial design registration by obtaining an industrial design postponement to protect your design right. For registration, an application must be submitted to the Turkish Patent Institute. This application can be submitted both nationally and internationally. Industrial design is an asset that the company has acquired at great cost as a result of its R&D studies. Companies must therefore protect their industrial designs by registering them, as is the case with all their significant assets.

Benefits of industrial design registration.

Registering an industrial design for a product designed to differentiate itself from other products on the market with its new and distinctive features brings many advantages to companies.

  • If you register your design, other companies or individuals cannot use that design without your permission,
  • If the design is registered, you can license, transfer and inherit the design.
  • It will enhance your competitiveness in this sector,
  • Obtain protection against design imitation,
  • Additional income can be achieved by renting the product with an industrial design certificate from the company upon request for a licensing fee.
  • It will add value to your brand by protecting your company image,
  • Increases trust in the brand,
  • Even if the registered product is stolen, the company or person holding the registration can take legal action to claim its rights.
  • Since theft of the developed design is protected by law, there is no loss of labor, effort and cost expended to create the design.


How long does it take to register an industrial design?

If a product obtains an industrial design registration certificate thanks to its design features, the validity period of such registration is 5 years. Under this document, the product is protected for 5 years. If you wish to continue the product after 5 years, renewal protection will continue for 5 years at the end of the period. This process ends with 5 renewals of the product in question and completion of 25 years of protection.

A product whose industrial model registration period exceeds 25 years may not be re-registered by the same persons. Because this period is considered the public domain of the design in question.

Trademark expert BayKamber, which has been branding everyone it touches for over 20 years, legally protects your products by registering them as industrial designs nationally and internationally. Through our design team consisting of the Trademark Center, we provide our clients with disciplined and detailed services within the scope of many intellectual and industrial rights covering industrial designs such as the possibility of registering designs, application, follow-up, objections, opinions against objections, transfer, change of title, change of address.