What is theTrusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC)?

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Trust is a very important element in business activities. This trust is formed through long-term promotional activities, strong references and experience. As İSİMDER PRESIDENCY, we provide “Trusted of Brand Name Certificate” (GUMİB-TOBNC) for your brand names if you meet the necessary standards and conditions. – Brands with references will be one step ahead of their competitors. The target audience will have more confidence in brand names. Customer potential for brands will increase. In order to increase your profitability, stay one step ahead of your competitors and brand with confidence; You must have a “Trusted of Brand Name Certificate” (GUMİB-TOBNC).

Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC) is a very important document for brands to become a brand, grow globally, be successful in trade and gain a reliable identity. Companies with the Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) are always one step ahead of their competitors. A brand must obtain GUMIB certification so that it can introduce itself to its target audience, prove itself and have a positive and reliable image in front of its target audience. Proving its reliability to the target audience will be a very important factor in growing the brand by achieving great commercial success.

What are the benefits of a Trusted of Brand Name Certificate for trademarks?

Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMIB-TOBNC) not only provides reference, trust and reputation for your brands but also helps you reach your potential target audience by creating brand loyalty. Plays an active role in promoting the brand. It increases your competitiveness by distinguishing your brands from competing brands, and this contributes to steady growth and strengthening of your brand. It is very effective in helping your brands grow globally by becoming an online brand. At the same time, a reliable brand name certification increases the value of the brand, enables it to play an active role in advertising and promotional activities and allows you to receive feedback in a short time.

Meanwhile, the Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) is issued under the supervision of the “İSİMDER Brand Name Center” organization that implements the ISO-9001 Quality Management System.

In order to obtain a certificate of trust for a brand name, there are some standards determined by the leadership of the Brand Name Center:

  1. Obtaining a certificate or requesting registration of the trademark name,
  2. Logo and corporate identity design
  3. The existence of a reliable web page belonging to a registered trademark or where the trademark is published,
  4. The presence of effective pages on social media or the registered trademark can be reached through social media accounts,
  5. Internet – Participate in any advertising and promotional activities such as social media, television, magazines, newspapers or exhibitions

*For registered trade names of companies, institutions, organizations, companies and individuals who have a tax plate or potential tax number in line with these standards; Trusted of Brand Name Certificate (GUMİB-TOBNC) is provided by the Brand Name Center Presidency.

Hurry to obtain Trusted of Brand Name Certificate, which gives reference, trust and reputation to your brands, from the ISIMDER Brand Name Center. All brands that request a certificate of trust for their brand name are provided with a trademark owner card.