The importance of the commercial brand in international trade, import and export

The importance of brands in foreign trade
It is normal to find the purpose of business is primarily profit. In the second stage, the needs of individuals and other corporate stakeholders are met. And in the third stage, the contribution to the economic cycle of the country, which is by adding an added value to the country. Accordingly, visionary companies are trying to play an active role in international markets.
We appreciate that each company is willing to consider all alternative legal avenues.

Companies need successful brands as well as high-quality services and products to be able to operate successfully and continuously.
Service/product quality and brand value are two important complements in commerce. Apart from that, shipping speed and price are other important factors in international trade.

The brand is valuable and also important at the local level and is preferred by the target audience. Because brand value is a guarantee of service and of the product being sold. On the other hand, a famous brand provides prestige by providing added value to its customers. And in the challenging competitive environment, brands are taking companies a step further.

Brand value is the most powerful tool that distinguishes products and services under the same conditions in international trade as well as at a national level and makes it one step ahead in competition. As an example, mobile phones are a group of products and brands that are spread and travel quickly all over the world. Hundreds of similar phone brands have been launched all over the world. However, there are 10 brands that are known worldwide, and only 5 brands can be at the top. This is why the product increases value and brand awareness.

The brand’s products and services are concepts that have proven to be international first. Therefore, if we want to participate in the global market and competition; In addition to quality, speed of transportation and price, efforts must be enough to become a leading brand in the foreground. A brand is a meaningful image. Most of the companies operating in the same sector are probably of the same category. However, companies that present themselves well and develop their brand image are popular. A strong and cosmopolitan brand acts as a kind of positive catalyst. If you are interested in the brand in national and international trade, please contact us.

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