What is the brand?! What are the conditions that must be met in your brand?

First, what is the brand?
There are many definitions of a trademark, but in this article we will write our own definition, which we prefer and always use
A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, design, or name (including personal names) and it must identify and distinguish one party’s goods from the goods of others.
The name of the brand (the brand) is a major and basic asset of the company and also considers its reputation and image in front of the consumer. Customers remember your products through your brand name and your logo. The product also has a feeling for this product.
Let’s try this together now, so if I told you now, do you know Apple?!

What came to your mind now?!

The first thing that came to your mind is the logo, then the image of the new iPhone that you wish to buy or that you already own, and then you felt the sense of luxury that the iPhone gives you

This all came in your mind and this is what the company wants and this is what they have done over time by delivering this purpose to people’s minds through continuous marketing operations

But if you think about the origin of the matter, you will find that it is an apple that does neither harm nor benefit – but that apple has changed the feeling and thinking of billions of people over time

Therefore, one of the main factors in your project is the brand name and the logo, and you must connect them with a specific purpose, goal and feeling in the marketing process.

What are the requirements for your brand?

There are several conditions that must be met in your trademark, which are universally recognized rules and conditions – and also recommended by the Wipo International Organization for the Protection of Property Rights – and they are as follows

1- The name should be easy to remember, so it is preferable to be short

2- The name should be easy when pronounced or pronounced, so it is preferable that it is not imitated or similar to other famous brands

3- The name should be innovative and new and difficult to imitate in all respects

4- Knowing and choosing the right colors for your brand. It is advised to know the science of colors

5- It indicates your work, so you must specify the field you want well in order to create a suitable name for this field

6- To pronounce and pronounce the same way and how in all languages

7- To be far from any bad meaning

8- To be away from abbreviations

There are more than that and up to dozens of conditions that experts and consultants rely on

— We at Markalisa Company take into account these basic and very important points when creating any new brand name, so that all our work comes out in a professional manner and is distinguished, innovative, new and only in the world

If your brand is one of the important and necessary things in your project, and you must preserve and protect it from the hands of competitors
We hope you benefit and become with us the owners of international brands.

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